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Resources For Child Care Owners, Family Daycare Providers, and Start-Ups

If you're searching for the best system on the market today to show you
how to start a daycare, a child care center, or a preschool, you've
come to the right place!

If you need help growing your enrollment, or you're looking for
strategies to get your new program fully enrolled FAST, click here for
FREE child care marketing resources!

Visit my blog for the latest updates, and check out my free articles
for tons of great strategies and tips!

Kris Murray The Daycare Success Coach
Kris Murray,
The Daycare Success Coach


"Click on the PLAY button to hear my audio greeting!" - Kris

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Resources Just for Parents

One of our goals at Daycare Hotline is to provide parents with great
information about the childcare selection process and the latest
industry trends.

Want to learn more? Please visit our Parents Only page. We've also got
some great articles for parents!

You can also Search for a Daycare. Our child care database is
searchable by ZIP code, and contains hundreds of child care listings
around the U.S.!

Also, check out my blog for Moms.

Daycare Success System - Complete daycare start kit and How to Start a
Daycare- How To Start A Daycare..and Make More Money Than the
"Average" Daycare Provider in Your Area!

If you dream of owning a successful, profitable child care business
(either in a home or a center), discover the success secrets within the
Daycare Success System. It's the most complete hold-you-by-the-hand
system for starting and operating a successful daycare business...100
percent guaranteed.

In fact, this system will teach you how to open a daycare business in
just four weeks! If you already own a child care business, but need
help making it more profitable, you'll also want to take a closer look
at the Daycare Success System.

Advertise Your Daycare Center / Preschool

Reach thousands of people each month by listing your child care
business on our site. It's an easy & affordable way to get more leads,
build a waiting list, and stay profitable. Learn more now.

If you're a parent looking for a daycare, click here to enter your zip
code & search for a daycare.

Daycare Products - Daycare Forms - Business Plans - Policy Handbook and More

You asked so we are giving them to you. You can now get your hands on
individual daycare success items. Check out the Daycare Products page
to learn more. Here you will find daycare forms, daycare business
plans, daycare policy handbooks, special report (like how to get
daycare grants and loans), and past interviews with child care experts.

The Top 5 Questions We Get From Our Readers

At Daycare Hotline, our goal is to help people start and operate a
successful child care business. Here are the TOP FIVE questions we con
child at daycare center sistently receive from readers & subscribers,
and our answers.

QUESTION: "Kris, how do I find out what the rules are in my state? Do I
need to get a daycare license, and if so, how many children will I be
allowed to enroll?"

ANSWER: Each state in the U.S., as well as each region or state in many
other countries, has its own rules and regulations for child care
businesses. If you are in the U.S., you can see your state's rules by
visiting our state-by-state guidelines, or for even more detailed
information, visit the National Child Care Info Center and click on
your state on the map. I recommend that you contact your state's office
for child care regulations and ask them questions about your specific
situation. They will send you a packet of information on how to get
licensed and the process for starting a daycare business in your state.

QUESTION: "Dear Kris - how do I get funding from grants & loans? How do
I find out what child care grants are out there?"

ANSWER: The availability of child care grants varies widely by where
you live. The best first step is to contact your state's child care
licensing office, and ask them how to get more information about what
grant monies might be available. Most grant programs provide assistance
to larger non-profit centers, and some for-profit centers, but it's
often hard to get funding for a home daycare. This is because it takes
very little money out-of-pocket to start a home daycare
business...usually around $1,000, depending on what you already own.
You can get access to my Special Report on which foundations offer
grant money, and how to get a low-interest loan, when you purchase the
Daycare Success System. Or read the latest post on daycare grants in my

QUESTION: "Kris, what kind of training is required for me to start a
home daycare? Is there additional training required if I want to start
a child care center?"

ANSWER: If you want to run a home daycare, most states only require
CPR/First Aid training, and a high school diploma or equivalent. Some
states may require you to get extra training in order to become
licensed, but many do not. For both a home daycare and a center, I
recommend that you get some type of business training, so you can be an
effective & successful business owner. The more business-like you are,
the more clients you will get and keep over the long term, and you will
be more profitable. To get a great foundation in daycare business
principles, consider a small investment in the Daycare Success System.
Your return-on-investment will be immeasurable, and you will feel more
confident as a business owner!

QUESTION: "What are the best ways for me to market & advertise my new
business, in order to get enrollments quickly?"

ANSWER: I recommend that you create a business from the very beginning
that is designed to keep a steady flow of customers in your funnel. The
way to do this is create a child care business that specializes in a
"niche" market that is untapped in your town or city. It could be
religion-based, special needs, bilingual, second shift, drop-in care,
organic meals, or some other special niche - whatever fits your
personality that no one else is offering. Other ways to keep
enrollments up are to use a customer referral program, direct
marketing, Internet marketing, and community-based marketing and PR. In
my Daycare Success System, I teach you these methods and more.

QUESTION: "Kris, how much money can I really make in this business?"

ANSWER: You can easily make $4,000 per month, or more. The average home
daycare owner makes a gross income of $47,232 annually. And many of
your expenses can be deducted - even your home heating bills and
mileage. Using the "niche" marketing techniques discussed above, you
can make even more.

For more questions and answers, see this article on common questions
asked by daycare providers.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Here are just a few of the many testimonials from people who have used
our products and services since we started back in 1999:

"I ordered Kris's system and within 4 weeks had applied for my daycare
license. This system is very user-friendly and helpful in the initial
steps of starting a home child care business. It guided me through the
steps of how to get licensed. Even if you're not sure you want to get
licensed right away, this course will be very helpful to you for
getting started quickly". - Rebecca Kenworthy, Princeton, Indiana

mother and children

"This is going to be a tremendous help in making my day care business a
great success! I feel fortunate to have chosen your program. Thank you
so much for the prompt feedback and support."

- Satinder Kaur, Berlin, Maryland

"The Daycare Success System gave me a great start to build my home
daycare business. There were things I hadn't thought of that Kris
reminded me of. I was able to take advantage of my natural abilities to
create a "niche" market. I feel more confident in my new venture with
this wonderful tool. Thanks!" - Andrea Morton, Lincoln, Nebraska

"I ordered the Daycare Success System from you weeks ago, when I first
started following my dreams of being an in-home childcare provider.
Your product is absolutely wonderful and you are, truly, a "coach" to
me. I have contacted everyone I need to contact, organized my business,
and am looking at an opening date of July 6th. Your Expert Calls are
invaluable- what a fantastic resource all of these people are. I never
could have imagined how helpful this system would be. Thank you, Kris,
for dedicating your time to people like myself!" - Kimberley
Stedronsky, Madison, Ohio

To read more testimonials from many of our happy customers, click here.

Learn more about the Daycare Success System!

Free Resources For Providers

Get access to free reports and our
informative weekly e-zine!

Just For Parents

Learn more about our free resources just for parents!
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